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Everything I do, I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world with their work. But I also believe that your business can't change the world unless it's profitable.

My mission is to help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from the profits and impact you were born for. I do that by making my trainings simple, easy to implement, and to get you results fast ... without taking up too much of your time.

Facebook ads (with the right system) happen to be THE best way to get profitable quick and that helps me fulfill my mission to create more profitable businesses that can change the world.

I know that because you’re here with me, we’re kindred spirits in the pursuit of getting your unique work out impacting more people and that's why I'd love to help you create your own Facebook Faucet starting right now ...

Automatic Client Flow


Facebook Faucet is for gifted service based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, experts, authors, services professionals, etc.) who are so good at what they do and want to go from practitioner serving a small number of clients to LUMINARY impacting the thousands of people who need them.

Everything You Need

Facebook Faucet is everything you need to bring in clients automatically online. The secret is creating a permanent faucet, which allows you to attract clients automatically online using Facebook ads.  And not just any clients but your ideal clients who pay you well and are happy to do it!

Your Entire Marketing Funnel ... Done!

I will help you create your ENTIRE MARKETING FUNNEL using a unique system that covers EVERYTHING YOU NEED to consistently bring in high-paying clients.

It's the quickest way possible to build the business of your dreams online AND to love your business because you're no longer pounding the pavement trying to bring in clients one at a time.

I had just about given up on all courses out there. (and yes, I have bought a lot of them) and though I get a little something out of all of them, this had been the most power packed, most comprehensive, well-laid out, and most interactive/responsive of any course I have ever had.

I do feel empowered, to do this, and like all of us, I am sure we have all teetered on giving up. So thank you Tammy for restoring faith in this process, and for being one of the most authentic and approachable (I know the word "authentic" gets bandied around a bit), but YOU are the real deal - Thank God!

Patty Burgess Patty Burgess
Teaching Transitions - Doing Death Differently

More Impact


If one of these four profiles describes where you are in your business, then Facebook Faucet: Instant Client Flow may be for you ...

You've been in business awhile and don't have the results you want

  • You've been doing everything you're "supposed" to be doing but your income isn't where you want it to be,
  • You do amazing things for the clients you have but you don't have enough of them,
  • You really need to do something different to start making more money right away.


You're just starting out but want to be profitable right away

  • You haven't had to struggle like some entrepreneurs have and want to make sure it stays that way,
  • You want to get a proven system in place to start making decent money right away,
  • You want to do things the right way the first time so you can bring in a good income soon.

You've been struggling to package & promote yourself in a way that clients get excited about

  • You're frustrated with the technical aspects of putting all the pieces together, or
  • You're not sure what you need in your marketing to attract high-end clients, or
  • You're not sure what the exact pieces are to consistently bring in clients without your hands-on time.

You have a package but have been struggling to enroll many clients

  • You thought you had everything in place but you're not making many sales,
  • Once clients start working with you, they love what you do, but getting them to see that before they work with you has been hard,
  • You don't have a good system in place for continuous, automatic client enrollments.




No Technical Worries


Here's the deal: My offers (costing between $400 and $60,000) have sold out each time I’ve offered them using my own Facebook Faucet and I've been featured on some of the top media in the country (including CBS, ABC, CNBC, and Forbes Magazine), plus dozens of other news and media outlets! ...and all this has driven the rapid growth of a very lucrative business (to the multi-million dollar level)! Until now, I've only ever offered these Facebook Faucets to my private clients at a cost of $24,000 to $48,000 per year on a done-for-you basis. I'm teaching what my team and I do for those private clients and I'm offering all of the incredible bonuses (that won't be included later on) in exchange for becoming a success case story.

So ... are you ready to create YOUR Facebook Faucet and fill your Services and Programs with an Endless Flow of Clients?

100% Guarantee

Generate Client Leads With Your Facebook Faucet ...
Or Get A Full Refund!

I want you to feel secure knowing that if you follow the steps with me and do the exercises, you're going to get your client funnel done and start bringing in clients. I know that creating this client funnel can make a huge difference in your business AND your entire life and I want to give you the best chance of moving forward with me; so just in case you need a little peace of mind...

Here's my guarantee:  If you do the entire Facebook Faucet course, submit your questions, do the exercises and use all of the personal help features and bonuses, and aren't bringing in client leads within 30 days of the end of the program, just show me that you did the homework and exercises and private review and I'll happily give you all of your money back.

Here's why I offer such a strong guarantee, one that lets you participate in the entire course at my risk ... The easy-to-implement fill-in-the-blank templates and the done-for-you marketing funnel make it so easy to start bringing in clients, that if you don't start bringing in leads and growing your list, you deserve to get your money back.

I want you to feel totally confident (excited and maybe a tiny bit nervous) but confident that if you follow my step-by-step instructions you will come out of this program with your client funnel done! See you in the online portal, I look very much forward to talking with you and personally helping you create your own automatic client generating Facebook Faucet! signature01

Thank you so very much for your fine-tuned attention to my funnel and assisting me personally in moving through areas that I found overwhelming and confusing.  You are definitely heart centered!  The care and attention you give to each person who works with you is evident, even during our Facebook Faucet group calls.

I have invested in other programs and I can honestly say, what I have received from you and your program was above and beyond what I had expected.  I am thrilled with how detailed the Facebook Faucet program is.  I would recommend you and your program to anyone wanting to gain a thorough understanding of Facebook Ads and take their business to the next level through social media advertising.  Believe me, if I can do it...anyone can.  You totally rock!

Judy Lynne Judy Lynne
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Tammy Lane, BBA, CPA, CA

Tammy is a profitability and systems expert who works with service-based entrepreneurs to help them get more clients, make more money and do it in less time so they can FINALLY become the LUMINARIES they now they can be. She has worked with many of the top entrepreneurs online including Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, Lisa Sasevich, Amy Porterfield and many more to bring simple, repeatable revenue generating systems to as many women as possible. Tammy is an internationally known speaker and has been featured in FORBES Magazine, on NBC, ABC, FOX News, and many others.

Living up to her CPA, CA (accounting) background, Tammy specializes in creating income systems that work repeatedly and automatically to bring in substantial and ongoing revenues for her clients.

Tammy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses so they can become luminaries in their field and live a freedom lifestyle ... whatever that means to them. For her, freedom is everything from simple things like being able to play hookey with her kids and never missing a soccer game, to creating amazing family travel adventures.

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