More Clients Quicker ...

Create Your Own Automatic Flow of Clients Using Facebook Ads

Let's get you client flow!

Last week we completed your first test sequence for your Facebook ads ... this week is about managing your client flow and advanced Facebook ad marketing.

You now have (after module 5) a complete system for bringing in clients and the advanced strategies presented in this module will help you take your campaigns to the next level, decreasing your ads costs and expanding your audience.

The Action List for this week is to the right, double click the blue link under "downloads" to save or print it.



Create a "Conversion" Campaign to Reduce Ad Costs

Test Mobile News Feed Ads

Test Right Column Ads

Create a Custom Audience from Your Email Subscriber List

Create a Lookalike Audience from Your Email Subscriber List, Facebook Pixel, or Facebook Page Likes

Create a "Likes" Campaign to Build Credibility