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Create Your Own Automatic Flow of Clients Using Facebook Ads


Ramp Up Your Revenue
(Test & Scale Your Campaigns)

Let's get your ads tested and ramped up to the level of clients you want to be bringing in!

Last week we got your first test ads live on Facebook ... this week is about mining the data from that image test campaign and testing out your headlines and copy to find your winning ads.  Then we'll ramp up your campaigns to bring in the number of leads you want.

The Action List for this week is to the right, double click the blue link under "downloads" to save or print it.



Set Up Data Columns in Ad Manager to "Mine Data"

Facebook ads manager:

Reading Your Data to Find the "Winner" of a Test

Facebook ads manager:

Results Review - Cost Per Click

Facebook ads manager:

Results Review - Opt-In Conversion Rate

Facebook ads manager:

Copy An Existing Campaign to Create a New Ad Test

Facebook Power Editor:

*** Must be accessed in the "Chrome" browser ***


Facebook Ad Manager

Data mining - find your winning ad details

Facebook ads manager:

(Login to your personal Facebook account first.)

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor:

*** Must be accessed in the "Chrome" browser ***


Install Your Facebook Pixel to Track Sales (Purchase Pixel)

Get your Facebook pixel. Facebook ads manager:


Install this code in your Facebook pixel that will go on your PURCHASE thank-you page:

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {value: '0.00', currency: 'USD'});

You can replace the 0.00 with the cost of your program or service to track sales dollars - this will instantly show you if your campaigns are profitable.

Where to Install Your Facebook Pixel

This image shows how the Facebook Pixel is inserted into the html code on your thank-you page with the extra piece of code that only goes on your thank-you page (not on your opt-in page).