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Imagine how it would feel to have your list growing by hundreds of qualified prospects each day and to wake up to new clients each morning, even while you’re on vacation!

  • Get Clients Instantly Using Facebook Ads: 7 Days to Cash
  • Online Marketing Made Easy: Bring in a Stream of Clients Online
  • Tribe: How to Find Your People, Grow Your Tribe and Make a Great Income Doing It
  • Your 24 Hour Work Week: Automate Your Marketing and Bring in a Never-Ending Stream of Clients

About Your Speaker Tammy Lane

Tammy's Speaker Introduction

Facebook Advertising Expert and Business Growth Accelerator Tammy Lane is fiercely committed to guiding service-based entrepreneurs to stop pounding the pavement for each and every client and create an automatic client flow from Facebook advertising so they can have the business and lifestyle they’ve been dreaming about.

A former CPA whose first business generated millions, Tammy Lane is a successful entrepreneur with a never ending flow of smart ideas to advance the big success of every client she serves, thanks to the power of Facebook Faucet. At just seven years old, she discovered her talent for creating instant impact for small business when she helped kids in the neighborhood move their lackluster lemonade stands to locations with better traffic to become blockbuster cash machines.

Since 2009, she’s been doing the same thing for hundreds of business owners who are routinely and consistently welcoming new clients, filling their group programs, and creating a flow of webinar registrations month after month.

Best of all, they are creating these results under their own control quickly and easily without spending a fortune. The author of Get Clients Now! The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Flow of Clients with Facebook Ads, Tammy’s Facebook advertising insights and perspectives have been featured in Forbes Magazine, on NBC, CBC, Fox and many other media outlets.

Her Facebook ad systems are coveted by luminaries including Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Christian Mickelsen, and many other big names in the online industry, along with aspiring luminaries eager to unleash Facebook advertising to create a faucet of never-ending, high quality leads, clients, and sales for their growing businesses.

Join me in giving Tammy Lane a warm welcome.

Inspiring, Educating, and Delighting Audiences Across North America

Since 2002, Tammy has been on stages, board rooms, and done teleseminar and webinar interviews with leading business experts around the world including Today Show producer Lauren Flick, Lisa Sasevich, Kim Garst, Christian Mickelson, Justin Livingston, and many more!

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To schedule Tammy Lane to speak for your audience of business owners and entrepreneurs, send an e-mail to or call 509-329-6000.