Facebook Faucet Done-For-You Facebook Ad Campaign Set-Up is for gifted service based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, experts, authors, services professionals, etc.) who are good at what they do and want to impact the world in a big way.

Everything You Need

Facebook Faucet creates a funnel of leads so you can grow your list, fill your programs, and get ready for big JV partners.

The secret is creating a faucet, which allows you to attract clients automatically online using Facebook ads.  And not just any clients but your ideal clients who we specifically target as being most likely to invest in your programs and services!

With the included training, I will show you exactly how to test and optimize your entire marketing funnel (your opt-in page, follow-up emails, and sales page) using the Facebook ad campaign that we set up for you!


If you have a program or service you love, one that can really make a difference in people's lives, but you're just not getting it out there in front of enough potential clients  ... then a Facebook Faucet can make all the difference for you!

With your Facebook Faucet set up for you, you can skip all the technical details of trying to get your Facebook ad campaign set up in Power Editor, skip the hours of research it takes to properly target your ideal clients on Facebook, skip the headaches of creating multiple images, skip the learning curve of knowing what works and what doesn't work on Facebook and get right to the part where you turn on your ads and start bringing in leads!


No Technical Worries

So ... are you ready to have YOUR Facebook Faucet created for you so you can start filling your Programs and Services with ideal clients?

100% Guarantee

Bring In Leads With Your Facebook Faucet Or Get A Full Refund

I want you to feel secure knowing that if you have us set up your Facebook ad campaign and follow the steps in the training, you're going to bring in super-targeted leads to your opt-in page and marketing funnel.

I know that having a Facebook Faucet can make a huge difference in your business AND your entire life and I want to give you the best chance of moving forward with me; so just in case you need a little peace of mind...

Here's my guarantee:  If you do the Facebook Faucet follow-up training, turn on your Facebook Faucet, do the testing like I'll teach you, and don't have leads to your opt-in page within 60 days, just show me what you've done and I'll happily give you all of your money back.

Here's why I offer such a strong guarantee, one that lets you have your Facebook Faucet set up at my risk ...

The done-for-you Facebook ad campaign and easy-to-implement testing system makes it so easy to start bringing in leads, that if you don't have leads to show for it, you deserve to get your money back.

I want you to feel totally confident (excited and maybe a tiny bit nervous) but confident that you will come out of this program with a leads to your program!

See you on our first call!



Once you sign-up, you'll be taken to a thank-you page where you'll have access to my calendar to book your first appointment with me.

In the meantime, we'll be preparing a research document with specific questions which will allow my team and I to deep dive into your business, learning the ins and outs of what you offer and who your ideal clients are.

I'll use that document to prepare for our first call together where I'll walk through your entire marketing funnel with you, helping you optimize everything to convert well before we ever spend a dime on Facebook ads.

Then my team will prepare your ad campaign for you using the very specific knowledge we've accumulated about your business.  The ad campaign will include between 10 and 15 ads with variations that will allow you to very specifically evaluate which images, targeting, and ideal clients are moving through your marketing to purchase your products or services.

I'll provide you with an easy-to-follow training video that will allow you easily identify which ads are performing best, so you can ramp up your ad budget and start bringing in as many clients as you like.

Once your ads are running for two to three weeks we'll have a second call, where I'll make sure you've optimized your entire campaign and help you gather the results in Facebook and decide which pieces of your marketing can be tweaked for even better performance.

Once you've seen exactly how profitable your Facebook ad campaign can be you'll also have the option to have us manage your Facebook ad campaign for you at the special 2015 rate.

Step-up, take the leap and share your gifts the way you were born too.



Tammy Lane, BBA, CPA, CA

Tammy is a profitability and systems expert who works with entrepreneurs to help them get more clients, make more money and do it in less time so they can FINALLY create the business they've been dreaming of.

She is founder of and Facebook Faucet and has worked with many of the top entrepreneurs online including Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, Lisa Sasevich, Amy Porterfield and many more to bring simple, repeatable revenue generating systems to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Best of all, they are creating these results under their own control quickly and easily without spending a fortune. The author of Get Clients Now! The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Flow of Clients with Facebook Ads, Tammy’s Facebook advertising insights and perspectives have been featured in Forbes Magazine, on NBC, CBC, Fox and many other media outlets. Today she creates Facebook ad systems for luminaries including Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Christian Mickelsen, and other big names in the online industry, along with aspiring luminaries eager to unleash Facebook advertising to create a faucet of never-ending, high quality leads, clients, and sales for their growing businesses.

Living up to her CPA, CA (accounting) background, Tammy specializes in creating income systems that work repeatedly and automatically to bring in substantial and ongoing revenues for her clients.

Tammy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses so they can live a freedom lifestyle ... whatever that means to them.

For her, freedom is everything from simple things like being able to play hookey with her kids and never missing a soccer game, to creating family travel adventures.

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